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We provide solutions right from research to conceptualization, and execution of complete architectural models. We believe in solving problems and building futures on strong foundations.

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Concept Design

A good idea is the first building block for any new initiative. At Arth, we take pride in the fact that we ideate and create unique designs for every client, while meeting the requirements set by them.

Space Planning

The design team prepares a block drawing based on the logical flow of spaces, since it would be critical to ensure ease of operations for the client’s business. This process establishes that, while our design is unique and creative, it remains fully functional and remains true to its purpose.

Theme Development

The architect ensures that the design reflects an underlying common theme or factor, that works on binding the entire space together. Depending upon the industry, type of space, vision, or any other relevant factor, the team at Arth identifies the most suitable theme to integrate into the design and build of the client’s space.

Material Selection & Valuation

Resources required for building, such as materials, finishes, cladding etc. are detailed and estimated based on the design and theme selected by the architect. Post these resources are listed out, the cost would be calculated and the bill of quantities would be made including the construction costs, the costs of services like HVAC, fixtures, etc.


In order for the client to understand what the built space would look like, the team at Arth prepares renders, 3D views, and walkthroughs to present the idea that was still in its conceptualization phase. These resources are of the highest quality, and give the client a complete picture of how the built form would look. The team is also engaged in preparing detailed drawings, GFCs, and other construction drawings required to complete the work on-site.

Site Monitoring

Along with designing your space, our in-house team and architects also ensure that they periodically monitor the on-site work to establish whether everything is in order and on schedule. This is also to make sure that the design and vision represented to the client in 2D are being personified on the actual site.

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